NI Complete ‘The Light Trilogy’ with ASHLIGHT Dark Cinematic Instrument

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Native Instruments’ new ASHLIGHT release joins STRAYLIGHT and PHARLIGHT as a cinematic trio of sample based granular KONTAKT instruments dubbed ‘The Light Trilogy’. It shares the atmospheric soundscape focus the series is known for but takes things in a much darker, and more rhythmic direction. 

The interface will be familiar to anyone acquainted with the series, utilizing a large central X-Y pad to manipulate multiple layers of sample/granular sound sources. This time MPE support has been added for precise control over individual notes. 

The multi-gigabyte sample library powering ASHLIGHT’s dark cinematic tone is a unique selection of recordings made specifically for this instrument described by NI in the following manner: 

ASHLIGHT concludes the granular trilogy with monochrome soundscapes, pulsing textures, intricate leads, and cold atmospheres. It combines a specially-recorded sample library with grain and sample playback modules in a powerful engine with intuitive modulation controls for scoring shifting intensities, from edge-of-your-seat sweeps, to introspective keys, and world-shaking walls of sound. 

Bowed and rubbed metals, carbon, ceramics, glass, and more – ASHLIGHT is the product of obsessive research into unconventional sound sources that can be explored, transformed, and exploded to epic proportions by the engine. Layered grain sources including waterphones, cymbals, feedback cycles, and synths count among over 360 sample sets in ASHLIGHT’s library. An extensive sound design process went into exploring the idiosyncrasies of each sound source to create 300 presets. 

ASHLIGHT is available now from NI’s website at a special introductory price, and is also available as ‘The Light Trilogy’, with additional savings for existing owners of STRAYLIGHT of PHARLIGHT. 

Visit NI’s website here: 


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