Novation Reach For The Sky with New Flagship Synth

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Novation has stormed into the Superbooth 2019 tradeshow with a brand new flagship synthesiser dubbed ‘Summit’. The 16-voice, bi-timbral, 61-key hybrid beast builds on the synth-engine powering their Peak synthesiser. At its core sits 3 of Novation’s high resolution digital ‘Oxford Oscillators’, carrying traditional waveforms as well as harmonically rich wavetables, combined with an analogue filter and amplifier section.

It’s the first time we’ve seen Novation tackle the full-size high-end synthesiser market for quite some time, arguably since the enormous Supernova II back in 2000.  2017’s 8-voice Peak synthesiser module was widely well received, however, some consistent feedback lamented the lack of multi-timbral and keyboard-split functionality. It also seemed like many users hoped Novation might use the Peak technology to make the jump back up to a pro-level performance keyboard synthesiser, addressing those issues and maybe adding some more voices. Looks like Novation was listening.

Another new addition on Peak’s template is an audio input, meaning you route the external signal through the synth’s excellent chorus, reverb and delay.  Panel controls have been expanded too, with FM controls and LFOs 3 and 4 now easily accessible via dedicated knobs.

Summit is scheduled for release in Spring 2019, with an expected price of €2200 — no Australian info is available at this time.
Check out the article on the history of hybrid synths here.

The summit features:

  • 16-voices
  • 3 oscillators per voice
  • Analogue waveforms plus 60 digital wavetables
  • FM synthesis
  • Multimode filter: 12dB / 24dB
  • Modulation matrix with 4 LFOs & Envelopes
  • Arpeggiator (30 Patterns & Chord Mode)
  • 61 half-weighted keys with aftertouch
  • Pitch & Modulation Wheels
  • 2 x stereo outputs (or 4 x mono) + 1 x stereo input

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