Volca Sample Gets a Powerful New Update from Korg

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The mighty Korg Volca Sample is getting the update treatment with Korg announcing a ‘new generation Volca Sample’ that adds more sample memory, updated sample library, more workflow features and a micro USB port for more improved connectivity. This compact beat making box has always been one of my favourite Volcas as it’s super fun to use and has plenty of knobs for manipulating sounds, however this update brings some welcome new features. To be clear, this is not a new Volca or indeed a Volca Sample 2 as some may be tempted to call it, but rather Korg has stated this is just an updated version of the Volca Sample. 

First up Korg have introduced a micro USB port for sending samples back and forth from your computer, a process now made much simpler via the Volca Sample librarian software (Mac & PC), making it a breeze to import and export samples between your computer. The USB also makes it possible to control, sync and play the Volca Sample from any DAW, plus individual MIDI channels are now assigned to each of the 10 parts, perfect when using an external sequencer or keyboard.  

The internal sample library has been replaced with 150 fresh new sounds ranging from drums and percussion to melodic and effect type sounds that span different electronic music genres like lo-fi hip-hop, house and trap. There are also more available memory slots to save patterns to and it’s possible to send patterns back and forth between the Volca Sample and the Sound Librarian app on your desktop. The Volca Sample now also supports pattern chaining of up to 16 patterns (phew!) and there’s now 2 different ‘Step Jump’ modes which is a handy little performance feature that gives you interesting glitchy play back to your sequencers— very cool!  

More details are available via the Korg website here.

Stock ETA for Australia is late September/early October, find your Australian Korg dealer for preorders here.

For the relaunch, Korg have teamed up with two artists; Moe Shop and Toriena, who’ve also released free sample packs downloadable via Korg’s website.

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