The New VOX VX50 GTV Amplifier features Korg Nutube Powered Tone

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Vox have announced the latest addition and new flagship of their affordable but feature-heavy VX series amplifiers – the VX50 GTV, featuring Korg’s miniature ‘Nutube’ technology as well as Vox’s Virtual Element Technology modelling system. The amplifier boasts 50 Watts of power, 10 amplifier models (including, of course, Vox’s much-loved AC30 amp), 8 effects cleverly activated through 2 dials, basic EQ settings, inbuilt tuner, USB audio interface + software and auxiliary input — making VX50 GTV a solid choice for bedroom studios and jams.

Korg’s Nutube technology was released to manufacturers and the public to use as they please in early 2016 and has been utilised in a number of products released by a variety of manufacturers (ie. Ibanez’s Nu Tubescreamer pedal). It operates much like a traditional triode vacuum tube, but uses vacuum fluorescent display technology to miniaturise the circuit and dramatically increase its efficiency and lifespan. Most importantly, the harmonically-rich characteristics of tube-driven sound are still very much there and in effect.

Have a listen to the VX50 GTV below

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