Welcome New Workflow Additions In Maschine 2.10 Update

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Native Instruments are back with another software update for Maschine, adding some new pattern recorder features. Maschine seems to inch closer and closer towards becoming a full-blown DAW with each new improvement, and whilst NI makes no mention of this it’s cool to see Maschine’s development team make improvements commonly used in DAW platforms.  

The first of the Improvements is ‘auto-growing patterns’ which allows recording of patterns at an undefined length. Until now, the length of bar had to be pre-determined before recording patterns. Maschine previously would default to the pre-set length preferences (2, 4, 8 bars etc). Now, simply begin recording and the length of the pattern will grow until playback is stoppedproviding a more fluid experience.  

The second is a ‘pattern offset’ that changes the position of the start and endpoints of the pattern, play-range with the pattern freely to moveThis can be adjusted directly from the software, however, in true Maschine style, all can be adjusted directly from the hardware. Hit the pattern button to see some new options using the macro knobs.  

The last one is a nifty little one that utilises the LED touch strip on the Maschine MK3 and Maschine Mikro Mk3 which have been updated to show the playhead position with a pattern or a song. In ‘Ideas’ view the LED will indicate the position with a pattern, and in ‘song’ view it will indicate the position with a song 

Check out our video on ‘Making a Beat’ with NI’s new expansion pack Magnetic Coast.   

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