Arturia Releases Major V2.0 Update for MatrixBrute Analogue Synth

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The Arturia MatrixBrute is widely viewed as the most powerful analogue monophonic synth ever created. A true sound designer’s dream synth.  

Our recent video ‘10 things you may not know about the Arturia MatrixBrute’ aimed to illustrate just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and we admittedly only scratched the surface. Now with firmware version 2.0, things have become substantially more interesting. Some of the highlights include: 

Expanded Modulation Capabilities

  • The number of custom modulation destinations has been increased from 4 to 16, turning the eponymous modulation matrix into a massive 16 x 28 grid.  

Improved Sequencer 

  • This almost feels like a complete sequencer overhaul. In Arturia’s words ‘A simple but powerful overhaul of the sequencer lets you easily duplicate and delete sections, rotate the sequence, visualize notes in the step, and more.’ 

Custom LFO Waveforms 

  • As well as being used for preset selection, modulation routing and sequencing, the 16 x 16 button matrix can now also be used to draw custom LFO waveforms

Preset Preview 

  • Just hold down the ‘preset’ button and select a new preset to quickly compare it with your current sound. Press the preset button again to exit compare mode and keep editing.  

Firmware version 2.0 also includes bug fixes, 64 new presets, and the ability to access settings previously only accessible via the MIDI Control Center software. Arturia has also posted a new cheat sheet for helping remember the many button combinations to access any functionality not explicitly advertised on the front panel.  


For more information about firmware version 2.0 including several video tutorials, head to Arturia’s MatrixBrute page via the following link: 


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