Arturia Update the Keystep Controller

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French company Arturia have just released a new firmware update (version 1.1) for their Keystep controller. This adds some exciting new functions and features:

  • New sequence length controls: allows rapid change to sequence length with new MIDI Channel shortcut controls.
  • New Armed clock behaviour: change the way KeyStep responds when it receives incoming clock signals.
  • Updated tempo quantizing behaviour: the New Shift functionality allows quick tempo adjustments, quantized to 1 BPM.
  • Updated Arpeggiator octave behaviour: switch octaves on the fly using Shift and Oct +/- in arpeggiator
  • New randomness options: 2 new randomness modes added, Pattern and Brownian, for ultimate creative chaos.
  • New MIDI Control Center options: change LED brightness and control all the new features with ease.

Visit the Arturia website for more details.

Arturia update the Keystep controller

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