Don’t Skimp on Instrument Cable Quality: Lava Magma High End Instrument Cables

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You’ve bought the guitar of dreams and in your quest for the ultimate tone you will spend anything for the holy grail of all-tube amps. You’ve just spent more money on your guitar rig than Metallica’s last world tour. Next, you get on stage and plug in your $10 instrument cable… Why do many of us stop here when it comes to frivolous gear purchases? There are many premium cable companies out there who will tell us the instrument cable plays a very large part in our desired tone and ultimately a true representation between the guitar and amp relationship. If you purchased an Italian supercar, would you put cheap tyres on it –no, exactly the point! If you care enough about the quality of your tone and have made a considerable investment, then it would be wise to make use of quality cables. Think of the supercar and how the tyres connect all that mechanical engineering to the road. Same applies to instrument cables, it connects your tone to the sound coming out of your rig!

Enter Lava Cables

Lava Cables and their Magma range are a premium cable brand well known for their early adoption of the solderless patch cable-kits. Here are some of the features of the instrument cable range and what it means to you:

G&H Show Saver Plugs – USA made G&H plugs are found on the Lava Magma range and high-end plugs with maximum durability and performance generally come out of the US. The connection between the cable and the plug will see the most stress so this needs to be of good quality on any cable.LAVA High End Boutique Instrument Cables

99.9% Pure copper low strand count conductor – Copper is renowned to be one of the highest quality of materials when it comes to conducting a signal. Stranded copper is more flexible and generally found in higher-end instrument cables as it is a more expensive product.

4% Silver solder to maximize signal flow – By adding silver to the solder connection, the Magma cables boast a stronger solder with high conductivity and low resistance. This adds to the quality and truthful representation of the signal flowing through the cable.  

93% spiral shield for excellent RF rejection – Unwanted hum / external RF noise is always a risk on cheaper cables, spiral shielding on the Magma range is in place to reject such interference. Higher-end cables will have these additions to give you the clearest noise-free signal.

There are many advantages to spending more when it comes to cable options but one of the biggest we see is old fashioned durability. To the audiophiles out there, the dynamic scope delivered by these premium cables with their extended hi-fi like performance is a no-brainer. If you can find a cable that gives you a solid connection between guitar and amp whilst lasting considerable time, that’s a worthy upgrade alone!

Expect to see LAVA Cables in all good Australian Guitar stores in the coming spring.

LAVA High End Boutique Instrument Cables

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