Aussie Eurorack: Serpens Modular Release Ara, A Fresh Take on the Sequential Switch

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Aussie Eurorack module designers, Serpens Modular, have today announced their brand new Ara module is now shipping. The module is a multi-function utility that expands on the standard sequential switch idea, adding gates, 5 voltage sources and a clock divider. Serpens also do some of the coolest looking panels in business, check it out:

Multi-function utilities like this really reward creative thinking and routing, and Ara is no exception. The sequential switch allows 1 in > 5 out or 5 in > 1 out switching as you’d expect, but puts gate outputs on each switch, ideal for triggering envelopes, on each step. It also features 5 voltage sources controlled via the 5 sliders, which you can route to each switch — however those voltage source each have their own direct CV output, so you can route them individually to whatever you choose.

Lastly the module also features a clock divider, dividing the input trigger by 2, 4, 8 and 16 – with a reset input also available. It’s a wide module at 20hp, but comes in at a performance skiff friendly 25mm deep, and with those 5 big sliders, hands-on performance looks like a lot of fun!

At AUD$299, it’s great value – more info and ordering here – serpensmodular.com/

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