BIGSOUND 2019: Ableton x Noisegate Artists to Watch – Part 2

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BIGSOUND 2019. 150 artists. 4 days. That’s a lot isn’t it? Here’s 5 more artists that we, and our friends at Ableton, reckon you should check out. If you missed it, check out Part 1 here.

Chakra Efendi

Bringing the sun-soaked dream-pop sounds to BIGSOUND, Chakra Efendi has grown from a humble bedroom project to a formidable live act with full band in tow. Some sparkling melodic guitar work and busy shuffling percussion provides a glorious foundation for Chakra’s cruisey take on a classic ’90s-slacker tinged vocal sound. Ideal drive down the Great Ocean Road music.

Boler Mani

This youngster is still in high school doing his VCE, but that hasn’t stopped him releasing some seriously impressive hip-hop/R&B with a crazy-good lyrical flow. Boler takes and builds on the ‘bang vs melody’ recipe of modern luminaries like Brockhampton and Travis Scott and with 2 tracks topping 100k streams on Spotify, you better believe this bloke’s just getting started.


Aphir is the solo project of Becki Whitton, combining deep low-key beats and minimal instrumentation with a delicate but incredibly complex vocal delivery. Layer upon layer of clever vocal harmonies ride a wave of beautiful melancholy lyricism — it’s stunning and immensely impressive work. She’s bringing a new live show to BIGSOUND too, featuring tracks from her upcoming third LP. Catch Aphir play in a small, intimate setting while you can people.


This Sydney-based 3-piece live electronic band take up where classic Aussie acts like Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts left off, it’s festival ready indie dance-pop without the EDM cheese factor, euphoric and emotional without being too serious. Classic synth-sounds reminiscent of early Italo disco give it a distinct classic-but-modern flavour. Classy stuff.


Self described as ‘doof you can cry to’, Huntly have a wonderful and unique thing going on. Intricate IDM-influenced production work weaves its way around some gorgeous piano lines, and Elspeth Scrine’s voice..well listen for yourself, it’s quite something. Lyrically, there’s plenty to unpack here too, in fact, there’s a whole lot to like about Huntly. A super exciting band.

There’s still time to grab a ticket to BIGSOUND before it goes down next week, follow the link get amongst it!

Want our full list of recs now? No worries, we’ve put together a handy Spotify Playlist for you.


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