Black Corporation Tease New Analogue Polyphonic Synth

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Black Corporation, The makers of the well-received ‘Deckards Dream’ Yamaha CS80 remake, have been teasing details of their upcoming 8-voice analogue poly-synth module ‘KIMIJI’ via Instagram. Initially leaked by sound-designer Richard Divine during NAMM, here’s what we know so far.

  • The Kimiji is loosely based on the incredibly rare early ’80s French synthesiser; the RSF Polykobol II.
  • As with Deckard’s Dream, it will be available as a kit or pre-built.
  • It has preset storage functionality
  • Component wise it utilizes the CRN3340, with discrete wave-shapers and a discrete SSM2040 filter.
  • It will be compatible with polyphonic after-touch and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression standard).
  • 2 x VCOs + 2 x Sub Osc, 1  x Filter, 2 x LFOs, 2 x ADSR envelopes, extensive modulation matrix
  • The VCOs feature an unusualy high amount of wave shaping for analogue oscillators – Sine, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square, Random & Noise
  • It looks freakin’ bad-ass.

There’s been no audio or video leaked yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.
Check out Black Corporation on Instagram here

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