Denise Releases Their Take on Two Classic Effects – Space Invader + Bite

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Denise continues to release great new plugins with the emphasis on keeping it simple and ensuring their plug-ins are quick and easy-to-use. They have followed up with two new releases, the Space Invader and Bite.

Space Invader

Wanting to take the basic flanging effect a step further and make it a plugin that can be used more musically, the denise team introduced host sync, triggering, split, flip and flutter.


  • Control the groove: Create tempo synced flanging effects that rhythmically lock to your track.
  • Easily create precisely timed risers and built-ups that span multiple bars.
  • Re-trigger the effect to create any flanging rhythm you like, even on off-the-grid recordings.
  • Introduce analogue flutter and a 90 degrees phase offset for a wide stereo effect that throws you back to the 60’s.
  • Low CPU usage.


Bruise, break and crush your mixdown to get that LoFi house-techno, industrial and IDM sound, but with full control and an analogue edge. The Bite also works great with the denise Noize to make sounds even dirtier, for example by adding it to white noise on a snare. The filters and analogue dial give you sophisticated control and let you add subtle noisy distortion to a synth or ambient – in a more musical way than you could with regular saturation or distortion. Gradually crush your sounds over multiple bars in one rise.


  • Transition gradually from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit for smooth automation with surgical precision.
  • Use the analogue control to go from harsh and digital to subtle with a warm tone.
  • Re-trigger the effect to create any flanging rhythm you like, even on off-the-grid recordings.
  • Exercise full control over the frequency range you want to crush. Preserve the low end and colour your sound.
  • Use on a bus of the full mix with the link button to retain the stereo image.
  • Work offline without dongles or complex license managers.

These plugins are now available on the denise website for trial and purchase (formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX).


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