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Noisegate takes a peek into the production world of Melbourne based producer and one part of Strange Talk – Gerard Sidhu. In this video, he talks us through his inspirations in music, his experience with his band Strange Talk and some of his favourite gear in his incredible studio.

After living in the US and touring with Strange Talk for many years, Gerard returned to Australia to continue his music career as a producer and mix engineer. He’s now worked with a long list of artists and musicians including the likes of Okenyo, Andy Murphy, Nite Theory, Real Life, Zoe Adore, Matilda Pearl plus many more, the future looks bright for Gerard Sidhu.

What Inspired your passion for music?

I first got into music because of Michael Jackson, I heard the Dangerous record and it blew my mind, the production, the vocals, I was just hooked at that point. It’s been an obsession ever since.

How did Strange Talk come about?

Strange Talk came about after I had been a solo artist for a while, I had some records out on OneLove, and then I got Steve in. He’s a classical violinist and a friend of mine — I got him tracking strings on another tune for the follow up to the One Love record and we decided to move away from dance and start writing indie-pop tunes, which effectively turned into Strange Talk.

How did you get into mixing and producing?

With Strange Talk we were always more comfortable in the studio, we always produced, programmed and wrote all our own music. In the early days, we had someone come and do the final mixes. As the years went by we got to work with some amazing mix engineers and collaborators and we got to see the tricks of the trade and all the gear they were using. It was always something that I’d been in love with, I loved being surrounded by analogue gear, I loved studios, I loved consoles, I loved the way you could affect and modulate sound — so it was a natural evolution that I moved into mix work.

What gear can you not live without?

First and foremost it would have to be my Universal Audio plugins, interfaces and satellite DSP processing boxes. I’ve toured with them and I’ve had them with me consistently over the years. I started out with just a satellite, now I’ve got an Apollo 8 with two Satellites. The plugins are fundamental for my mixing and productions. I could not do what I do without them straight up. I can’t wait to get more!
the other piece of gear that I’ve had for a long time that I love is a stereo tube mic preamp from a company in the US called La Chapell. Everything vocal guitar, bass, even synths I run through this.

What’s next for you?

There’s a lot of mixing and production going on, for my own records and also for artists that I’m working with, which is really exciting. I’m working Okenyo, Real Life, I’ve got Strange Talk records coming up, it never ends. Hopefully, this is the beginning of another aspect of my life, moving heavily into more mixing and production as well as getting Strange Talk back up and running, so we’ll see what happens.

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