Drum Miking Tips & Tricks for Home, Studio & Stage: Part 1-Kick Drum

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In this 4 part video series of Drum Miking Tips & Tricks, we break down some techniques you can use for recording drums at home, in the studio and on stage.

The series breaks it down to the 4 major components of the drum kit being the kick drum, snare, rack and floor toms and overheads which covers the cymbals and hi-hats. Here’s Part 1:

Kick Drum

In this video, we explore several different mic positions you can try out on the kick drum and what sonic differences you can expect to hear from each position. The kick drum is an integral part of any drumkit setup and getting the microphone in the right spot is key. This video will give you some techniques and ideas to help achieve your desired results from your drum recordings or live on stage.

Thanks to AKG for the use of the DP-Concert Series Drum Mic Pack for these videos.

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