Native Instruments Release Nostalgia Soaked Super 8 Synth

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Native Instruments have just added a new synth to their extensive software library, aimed squarely at recreated the classic synth sounds of the late ’70s and ’80s. Dubbed the Super 8, the vintage inspired poly-synth is an 8-voice, 2 oscillator subtractive synthesiser with a set of ’80s-inspired FX, including chorus, flanger, delay and reverb. So if you’ve been struggling to nail the synth sounds in our Strangers Things Ableton Live Project free download, this could be just the ticket.

It’s a much simpler affair that NI’s behemoth synths like Massive, but what Super 8 lacks in the cutting edge features of its more muscular siblings, it makes up for with the immediacy and simplicity of its UI. There’s no menu diving here, the interface is clean and tiny, everything’s displayed on screen with no hidden parameters.  Or as NI put it, “reach for a dial, not for a manual. Experimentation is as easy as moving faders and turning knobs.”

The synth comes with over 350 presets inspired by legendary analogue synths like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupiter 8, Korg PolySix and Yamaha’s CS series. Check out the walk-thru video below.

More info via NI here


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