Fender Release New Trapper Bass Distortion & Acoustic Preverb Pedals for Bass & Acoustic Guitarists

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The Fender juggernaut has just released two more pedals targeted at bass and acoustic guitar players: the Trapper Bass Distortion and the Acoustic Preverb.

The Trapper Bass Distortion provides bass players with two independent and stackable distortion circuits. Distortion channel 1  features a crossover-blend circuit to maintain clean low frequencies and punch while the second ‘solo’ Distortion 2 channel is said to provide added gain and crunch. There is also a  Frequency and Sub Level knobs to tweak the overall tone on the second channel

  • Two independent distortion circuits
  • Crossover circuit to preserve clean low-end true-bypass and all analogue
  • LED-backlit knobs
  • Anodised aluminium construction

According to Fender, the Acoustic Preverb pedal incorporates a “high-fidelity” preamp with digital three reverb settings voiced exclusively for the acoustic guitar. The pedal houses one reverb footswitch and another one to disable the signal. For cutting feedback, a Notch filter and polarity switch are available, while a Tilt knob is a shortcut to modify the overall EQ balance.

  • Digital reverb with three unique settings
  • High-fidelity preamp
  • Anti-feedback notch filter
  • Tilt EQ control
  • LED-backlit knobs
  • Anodised aluminium construction

Both pedals will be available from November 2020

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