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Samples From Mars are giving away a FREE pack of groove templates from a bunch of analogue drum machines. Titled Grooves From Mars it’s their most comprehensive collection of drum machine midi groove templates. They were created from 25 classic and modern drum machines, to bring the unique feel and groove of each sequencer to your DAW of choice.

To create these templates they began by syncing each drum machine to an ERM Multiclock. Once they were synced, they recorded the audio of each drum machine, programming 4 bars of rimshots, at as many quantization and shuffle settings possible for each drum machine. Finally, they analyzed the recorded audio to determine exactly where each 16th note fell relative to the grid, and converted them to 4 bar .AGR (Ableton) and Midi groove files.

There are 416 midi groove templates from 25 legendary drum machines that will enable you to groove between the lines of your DAW with the unique swing shuffle and stutter of each machine.

Head to the Sample From Mars Website to Download the collection


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