Korg modwave 1.1 Update: Editor Software Unlocks Immense Synthesis Power

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It’s only been a hot minute since Korg announced their wavestate 2.0 update with support for user sample import and a suite of complimentary software, and today they’ve extended a very similar treatment to their ‘Kaotic’ wavetable synth, modwave.

Modwave software version 1.1 is a free update and adds a host of new functionality and improvements, one of the most noteworthy being support for importing user samples. Modwave already ships with an impressive factory sample library spanning many categories, which serve to compliment the primary wavetable engine. And now you’re free to import your own. Up to 4GB worth!

To facilitate this, modwave now supports the same Sample Builder application that was introduced with the wavestate 2.0 update. It will handle all manner of wav files (mono/stereo, multiple samples rates etc.) and can manage loop points and key zones for the creation of multisamples, as well as grouping samples and multisamples into banks for organization prior to exporting.

The other big news is support for the Editor/Librarian software which is also now available as a free download. Modwave, like Korg’s other digital synths, is a tremendously deep instrument. The unit’s front panel does an admirable job of accommodating the multitude of available parameters, but it can only go far (how many knobs can you fit onto a 37 key synth?).

If anything, the editor software illustrates just how deep the synth is. Parameters usually tucked under menus such as those relating to Kaoss Physics behaviour are now brought to the surface, whilst others such as effects are given new deep editing modes, some with dozens of unique parameters not all of which are accessible via the synth itself.

One area in which the wavestate really benefited from a software editor was the wave sequencer itself. Manipulating this multi-lane, multi-dimensional behemoth was surprisingly effective via the physical front panel, however, the luxury of a large colour computer monitor paired with a mouse and cursor substantially alleviated many of its challenges.

The same is true for modwave with its Motion Sequencer and the new software editor. All 7 sequencer lanes plus the master lane are visible simultaneously, so jumping to specific steps on specific lanes is as easy as a click of the mouse. Single parameters such as step transposition or level are adjustable by clicking and dragging the step itself, while the rest of the parameters appear in a common area to the left once a step is selected.

The benefits of this enhanced level of visual feedback are abundantly clear when working with the sequencer’s shape lane. Being able to see the modulation shape of the steps prior to and after the currently selected step is a tremendous help in the overall sequencing process and understanding how the sequencer lane will play out.

The many drop down menus and pop-out windows for choosing wavetables and component level presets (e.g. Kaoss Physics presets, sequencer lane presets etc) further illustrate the remarkable depth of modwave. There’s a lot to dig through here.

Of course, these are just a few of the new features in this 1.1 update. Head to Korg’s website for the full release notes, and if you own a modwave, to download all the free goodies.

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