Korg Updates Digital Piano Range with B2 Line

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Korg have announced not one, but three successors to their popular B1 digital piano; B2, B2N and B2SP. The entry level digital piano market is highly competitive with similarly spec’d offerings from the likes of Casio and Yamaha all fighting for the attention of budding piano players (and their parents). So here’s a quick rundown on what Korg are rolling out with the B2.

The B2 has a brand new sound engine with 12 instrument presets including 5 acoustic piano variations. These 5 patches are derived from two sampled acoustic pianos, one German and one Italian. Judging by the audio demos these both sound gorgeous but look out for a full video from us soon for more insight. Other on-board sounds include electric piano, organ and strings.

Korg have also added USB for connectivity with PCs, phones and tablets making the B2 a potential weighted action MIDI controller for any soft-synth/DAW program out there. As well as handing MIDI, the USB connection can also carry audio from your phone/tablet back to the piano for playing back music through the B2’s onboard speakers. An analog line-in is also provided for this purpose.

There’s also plenty of bundled software which is unusual for this category of product so you can put that USB connectivity to use right away. Module Le and Gadget Le for iOS offer a range of high quality sounds from acoustic pianos to analog synths, and the 3-month trial of Skoove premium can act as your personal piano tutor with interactive lessons and personalized feedback thanks to that USB connector.

Then there’s the 3 variations of the piano itself.

  • The base model B2 is the basic portable offering available in Black or White with Korg’s NH weighted action keybed which accurately mimics the feel of an acoustic piano
  • The B2N is a similarly portable model with identical specs to the B2 aside from the keybed which is a lighter feeling/weighing assembly. As well as being slightly cheaper and adding to its portability, this model may also appeal to those whose finger strength is not up to a fully weighted action. It is only available in black
  • The B2SP is the less-portable home piano variant which comes complete with matching wooden stand and triple pedal available in black or white.

The B2 and B2N models come equipped with a single pedal for sustain/damper purposes, however the triple pedal from the B2SP is available separately as a potential upgrade for more advanced players.

Stay tuned for our full review once the B2 becomes available in August.

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