Mackie: The New “Thump” Powered Loudspeaker Range

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Mackie have been synonymous with the powered speaker box for the last 2 decades. Bringing us the original SRM450 they pioneered the way for powered boxes to be used in the professional audio space. Their most affordable range, the Thump Series, has taken on a new incarnation and is ready to hit shores in Australia.

The newly  designed Mackie Thump boxes feature a 1300 watt power factor correction amplifier which is capable of producing a max SPL of 127 dB. The new Thumps also feature dual angled sides so you can use them as a monitor on either side of the box. Cosmetic and power is not only improvement, Mackie have included 4 application specific voice modes so the speaker can be tuned automatically to a given situation.

  • Music – Enhanced low end and presence ideally suited for playing back pre reordered music
  • Live – A flat frequency response with little to no processing – adjust the mix as you need it for live bands
  • Monitor – reduced low end and mid-range to avoid audio spill and feedback issues when being used as a live monitor
  • Sub – High pass filter engaged. Perfect for using with an additional sub

There are also additional input options on the new Thumps. Both the 12” and 15” version come with 2 XLR/Jack combo inputs each with their own gain control and a separate master volume. As Mackie use the wide Z inputs they can take a variety of sources from microphones to line inputs, adjust the gain for your own individual needs. Each new Thump also features a mix output of the two channels meaning you can send the signal to another speaker for daisy chaining.

However there are also two new additional models to go with the Thump range. The Boosted models. Available in a 12” and 15” version the Boosted models boast the same striking design and power amp but offer a range of additional features in the form of a built in digital mixer. This digital mixer offer 3 channels, the 2 inputs and a third wireless Bluetooth option for streaming music directly to the speaker. The Thump Boosted can then be controlled via an App available for Android or IOS. From this app users will be given a 3 band EQ for each channel and a HPF for the 2 physical inputs. As well as this, the app provides additional speaker modes tailoring the unit directly for speech and giving the option of being used with a sub for live or prerecorded music.

Mackie Thump: No Cables Required!

However the most useful feature of this cable free technology is the ability to wirelessly connect one speaker to another. No cables required, complete wireless control and audio transmission of playback music. For simple setups involving pre reordered music the Mackie Thump Boosted and a smart device is all you will require. No additional mixers, no long cable runs, just connect your device, steam to both speakers and control everything wirelessly. The final advantage the Boosted offers is the ability to fly the box, both the 12” and 15” version come with 3 integrated M10 points for flying if desired.

The new Mackie Thumps will available in Australia at the end of October.

The Boosted Thumps will be available in Australia at the end of November.

IOS users can download the Thump app here

Android users can download the Thump app here

Find your Australian Mackie stockist here

Mackie: The New "Thump" Powered Loudspeaker Range
Mackie: The New "Thump" Powered Loudspeaker Range
Mackie: The New "Thump" Powered Loudspeaker Range


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