Maschine+ Software Update Brings New Connectivity Features

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One for all the Maschine+ users out there, the next time you turn on your unit, hit the settings button and you’ll see a little surprise waiting for you – Maschine+ software update!

Once installed Maschine+ will now fully integrate with all Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards yeeeew! This means you can take advantage of all the knobs on any M32 or A-series keyboards as well use the display screens on the S-Series MK2. Fans of Maschine Jam will be pleased to hear there’s been added support for this hardware and for those with external USB hard drives full of samples, it’s now possible to connect them directly to Maschine+ to easily transfer content into your projects. There’s even an option to ‘save with samples’ which makes sure all your samples are collected on your SD card for cleaner project management.

Since the Maschine+ launch, the ability to connect NI keyboards was always a big draw card but up until now it was only possible to use the keys to play and trigger sounds. Now, the full hardware feature set of Komplete Kontrol keyboards across the range is available to use which is a big update. Basically, what this means is that you can now use them in a standalone environment as they all run bus-powered from the Maschine+ hardware over USB and even the display screen on the S-Series Mk2 will show menus from Maschine+ hardware giving you deeper control over your projects. This further pushes

External USB support for hard drives is also a big one – loading your samples directly from your own hard drive and onto a pad will be super handy, and you can use the Maschine+ hardware to browse through folder and audition the sounds prior to loading. This combined will “save with Samples’ meaning you can import samples from a disk, and not need to worry about having an external drive connected if you have sessions with samples from an external location.

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