New Melbourne Developed Plug-In ‘Scaler’ Makes Complex Chords A Breeze

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Melbourne studio Samplify have released a brilliant new tool to help producers identify chords and write chord progressions.  Scaler was developed by Samplify and Edouard Mainier who met Samplify and School of Synthesis director Davide Carbone whilst studying at School of Synthesis with Davide. Edouard is an experienced programmer and together they chatted about their ideas of developing a music plugin that would help people identify what key and scale their music is in and suggest chord progressions.

Over its two year development Scaler has become so much more. With over 1,700 suggested Scale and modes and one hundred suggested chord sets based on genres or artist contributions, Scaler is capable of creating an infinite number of chord progressions. The artist chord sets are some of the highlights of Scaler and features suggested chords from International artists including MJ Cole, Carl Cox, Mike Huckaby, CeCe Rogers, Leon Switch and more.

According to Davide Carbone, Scaler has the ability to change the way we make music, “Scaler is a truly unique  plugin that’s the first bit of software ever released that can read the notes and chords you’re playing and identify the key and scale of those notes. Scaler can then suggest and audition a series of scales and modes and once you have selected your scale you can play through the chords belonging to that scale. Scaler can then offer you further suggestions based on what genre you want to make or suggestions from world famous artists.

Scaler gets a full International release in early December but has been made available now at pluginboutique.com for 25% off the RRP as part of the Black Friday sale period.


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