Native Instruments Tease New Features Coming in Maschine 2.7

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A major software update to Native Instruments Maschine is coming this December with some highly requested features. “For quite a while people have been coming to us and saying ‘hey, why can’t I just make all my music in Maschine?” starts Chad, MASCHINE Audio Product Owner. “It sounds so good and is so fun to use, let me just stay here through the whole process.’” “A lot of people were asking for better integration of recorded audio,” adds Mario, Senior UX Designer. “Everyone had different expectations about how they wanted it – but when we started talking with our customers, we found out that if we do it, we have do it in a Maschine way.”

The addition of real-time time stretching, coming in MASCHINE 2.7, illustrates this aim perfectly. “There’s nothing new our customers have to learn here,” says Chad. “Pre-cut loops will simply play in time with the project, no matter their speed, and they’ll adjust automatically to the project’s tempo changes. The Audio plug-in does the hard work for you. After that, the Pattern behaves as it always has, whether it contains MIDI, audio loops, or a combination of both.”

The new software update also includes a feature called Gate Mode. “Gate Mode is a really musical way of playing loops,” says Mario. “You only hear the loop when you hit a pad, and you can actually change the melody of the loop while it’s playing just by using the pads.” He adds, “We got some really great feedback about this feature – a lot of people told us that they don’t have anything like this anywhere else and now they’re bringing in loops and experimenting.”

This December will see the 2.7 software update become available (free of charge) to all Maschine 2 owners.
See the official blog post here.

In Maschine 2.7, you can use Gate Mode to play loops or parts of loops melodically. Play up and down the scale – where the MIDI notes are placed will shift the pitch of that particular part.


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