NAMM 2020: Noise Engineering Go Stereo with Reverb and Oscillator Modules

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Noise Engineering don’t seem to ever stop bringing out new modules, so of course they’ve got three newbies to showcase at NAMM 2020, and it looks like the move to stereo signal paths is happening across a number of Eurorack manufacturers. Details are light on, but we’ve got some audio demos that are verrry interesting. Here’s the rundown:

Virt Iter – Stereo Oscillator

Stereo oscillator with 3 different modes and audio-rate phase modulation per side. Noise Engineering state this is a new DSP platform for which they’ll be releasing with alternative firmwares to come.

Desmodus Versio – Reverb

Looks like Noise Engineering and Qu-Bit both noticed the hole in the market where reverb module options go. To quote NE: “DV features seven parameters and two sets of three interacting modes: morph all the way from relatively simple delay effects, spring-like echoes, huge shimmer-style reverb, infinite distorting havoc, and much, much more.” We can make out in the video above that it features stereo in and out – but not much else,  it does sound pretty bloody epic though!

Univer Inter – MIDI-to-CV Module


Univers Inter is a customisable 8 output MIDI to CV converter, featuring a TRS MIDI input and a USB MIDI input. The outputs will be configurable via a webapp, compatible with MAC, PC and Android devices. From NE: “Choose from simple presets that come with UI, or create your own with simple drop-down menus allowing you to choose between pitch, gate, trigger, velocity, MIDI CC, MIDI clock, and MIDI transport for each output. Group outputs polyphonic pitch, gate, velocity, and trigger.  Two UIs can also be chained, for up to 8-voice polyphony. ”

Promising stuff from Noise Engineering, we’re looking forward to seeing these in the flesh at NAMM 2020!




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