NAMM 2020: Sequential Take The Hybrid Concept to New Heights with the Pro 3

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Sequential have announced their new flagship mono/paraphonic synths, the Pro 3 and Pro 3 SE, featuring a 3 oscillator ( 2 x analogue VCO and 1 x digital wavetable) and 3 analog filter voice architecture, with extensive modulation and sequencing capabilities. 

The SE model packs this into a gorgeous looking Minimoog style tilting wooden case, while the standard Pro 3 is considerably cheaper (US$1599 vs US$2099) and comes in a black case similar to the original ’80s Sequential Circuits Pro One (minus the wooden cheeks). Otherwise the two models are identical.

The three analog filters are a unique feature, you’ve got the choice of a 4-pole OTA filter brought over from their Prophet 6 synth, a 4-pole Moog style ladder filter or a 2-pole state variable filter taken from their Oberheim OB-6 synth that can be continuously varied between low-pass, notch, and high-pass.

The Pro 3 carries over the 4 CV ins and outs from the Pro 2, meaning you can use the synth as a keyboard, sequencer or modulation source for your modular rig. Sequential have expanded the MIDI connectivity to 1 x MIDI in, 2 x MIDI out and 1 x MIDI through — that’s a lot of MIDI! The Pro 3 was designed to primarily be a monosynth, but it can also be a 3-voice paraphonic synth for those classic bass  + lead sounds or basic chords. It also features an onboard digital fx engine, featuring delays, reverbs and time-based effects such as chorus, phasing and flanging.

Check out the full feature rundown via Sequential here

There’s no official video up yet, but one of the sound designers who worked on the factory presets has uploaded half hour of audio if you want to get a sonic taste.



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