NAMM 2020: Tascam’s Mixer/Interface/Recorder Model Range Expands

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Tascam have added a third member, the Model 12, to their fantastic Model range of Mixer/Interfaces/Recorders,  joining the bigger Model 16 and Model 24.  The new unit offers a very similar look and feature set to its bigger siblings in a more compact package — moving connections to the back panel rather that the top and scaling down the track number, but keeping the USB audio/MIDI interface, Bluetooth, record to SD card functionality and analogue mixing panel.

Here’s a rundown of the feature set:

  • 8 XLR mic inputs (with +48V support)/10 TRS line inputs, 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo input and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless input
  • 1-knob compressor and 3 band EQ on every input module
  • Stereo output for MAIN L-R and SUB L-R, monaural send for AUX1 and AUX2
  • Dual headphone output with individual volume and source selection
  • TASCAM FX installed
  • Punch in/out recording feature allows simultaneous recording/playback of 12 tracks to/from SD cards
  • 12 in/10 out USB audio interface
  • Click output with tap tempo
  • Transport, FX, loop playback controls can be assigned with the dual footswitch (TRS connector) function
  • Equipped with MIDI IN/OUT terminals, USB-MIDI interface function, supports MTC output/MIDI clock output/SSP
  • Simple DAW control (HUI/MCU protocol emulation)

There’s a lot to like here, and hell of a lot of flexibility. This unit connects via USB C connection rather than the old USB B type connection that’s on the Model 16 and Model 24, so that’s a neat update that’ll appeal to Mac and modern PC owners. We could see this unit appealing to a variety of musicians and content creators, whether it’s an electronic musician wanting to escape the computer screen with a mixer and hardware, a band wanting to record rehearsals and demos, or YouTuber recording multiple audio sources for their video.

It has a lot of similar functions to the Presonus StudioLive AR12c Mixer/Recorder/Interface announced last week, but adds an LCD screen, some basica MIDI functionality and a more compact form factor, while the Presonus features some extra connections and higher recording sample rate.  We might have to a comparison video when they land in Australia!

Grab all the info here – tascam.com/model_12



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