New Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2: High End Portable Interface

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Black Lion Audio have hit the ground running in 2021 with their new Revolution 2×2 interface. Describing it as the truly high-end, portable recording interface the Revolution 2×2 has 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs (with input switch), phantom power, a handy LED meter and headphone output. 

BLA tout that their new interface is made with the most cutting edge tech. The I/Os are fully decoupled and balanced meaning that the Revolution 2×2 has an incredibly low signal to noise ratio which allows it to both record and playback clearly with no interference. 

The Revolution 2×2 is also USB-C bus powered giving it a level of portability that most high-end interfaces do not have. It has a stereo TRS output and a S/PDIF input and output giving more routing and input options. My favourite feature included in the Revolution 2×2 is the mono sum button. Not many small format interfaces have this option and it is a terrific boon for mixing as with one touch you can reference your mix in mono to make sure it will work in the club and other mono friendly environments 


• 24bit, 192KHz USB C interface
• Bus Powered
• Macro MMC clocking
• Analog circuit design utilizing Nichicon and Wima capacitors
• PG-i technology
• Revolution Software Suite 

 Check it out here: 



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