New Manufacturer ASM Announces Wavetable ‘Hydrasynth’ with Polyphonic Aftertouch

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Seemingly out of nowhere, a new manufacturer called Ashun Sound Machines (or ASM) have just announced a new 8-voice, 49 key wavetable synth with *gasp* polyphonic aftertouch. In the age of crowd funding, it’s super unusual for a new company to simply pop up with an incredible looking product, let alone one that’s gone and put together their own custom designed keybed rather than an ‘off-the-rack’ Fatar number, but here we are. 

Here’s the stand out features:

  • ‘Poly Touch’ Keybed
  • Ribbon Controller
  • 8-voice polyphony
  • 3 x Oscillators with 219 waveforms and wave-morphing between up to 8 assignable waves.
  • 2 x ‘Mutators’ modules – multi function wave modifiers that include linear-FM, Hard Sync and a unison-style Wave Stack
  • 2 x Filters with 11 models
  • 5 x LFOs, each with 8-step sequencer
  • 5 x DAHDSR envelopes
  • 32 slot modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator with additional parameters like Rachet and Chance
  • CV/Gate/Mod outputs for connection to Eurorack and analog gear
  • Full range of FX — reverb, delay, chorus, overdrive, phaser etc.

No word on whether these will be making their way to Australia yet, but they’re available for pre-order from US sites for US$1299. Nick Batt, the darling of the YouTube synth-demo world, has got his hands on one, check it out.


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