Wireless Guitar or Wired Guitar?

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When you’re talking about guitars and instruments live onstage, which is better: wired or wireless cabling?

The advantages and disadvantages are pretty much the same if you are in a gigging band, playing in a house of worship or just having fun with some friends.

To determine what the best for your setup is, here are some benefits of both wireless and wired guitar and instrument systems.

Advantages of Wireless Systems

A huge advantage of wireless over cabling is the fact that you aren’t anchored to a specific stage position. And even if you don’t normally walk around much during a performance, it’s much more comfortable to perform when you’re not attached to a cable.

You have a much cleaner-looking stage without cables running all over the floor, which also makes it safer for all the musicians and stagehands.

Eliminate faults with guitar and instrument cables.

Can improve ground loops in some cases.

Advantages of Wired Systems

With a guitar cable, your roaming range is determined by the length of the cable: you can’t roam farther without unplugging your guitar, but your signal doesn’t suddenly stop. Wireless systems have an operational range too, though it usually is hundreds of feet instead of dozens: roam too far with a wireless, and your signal quality may suffer or drop out altogether.

Wired guitar and instrument systems don’t require battery power the way wireless transmitters do, so in that regard a wired system will always be seen as more reliable. As long as you’re using fresh batteries, this shouldn’t be an issue, but its one more thing to consider before hitting the stage. If you this is an issue for you, you may want to consider an AKG WMS470 Professional Wireless which offers 14 Hours of operation with one Single Battery

AKG WMS470 Professional Wireless

It’s worth noting that many stage acts use a combination of wired and wireless systems for their performances but it’s not as simple as saying one is better than the other. For example, going wired means not worrying about fresh batteries, but it also means you have dozens or hundreds of feet of cable to keep in good shape to avoid cable faults.

The important thing to know is that modern wireless guitar/instrument systems are easier to use than ever before, but you do have different things to consider to make sure everything works as well as it can. If you’ve been thinking about moving from your wired rig to a wireless system, there’s never been a better time to do it. Wireless systems have now become very affordable with a smorgasbord of choices and price range with entry level systems like the Boss WL-20 or the AKG AMS40 Mini Systems to the professional level Audio Technica 10 Pro Track Mount System or the AKG DMS Tetrad Digital Systems.

In summary, there is no right or wrong answer in terms of using wired or wireless systems.  Weigh up the advantages and decide what meets your needs the best.

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