Adamson’s New Dual 7” & Dual 10” Point Source Boxes – Line Array Performance for Point Source Applications

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While Adamson become increasingly famous for making some of the best touring line arrays in the world, they’re not neglecting the install market. After 2017’s release of the IS7 and IS10 array elements optimised for installs, they’ve added the IS7p and IS10p, dual 7” and dual 10” point source, respectively. These new models add higher-powered, higher performance options to their already large range of point source loudspeakers, including the Point and Point Concentric series.

These new models provide tight directivity control and major SPL, with Adamson’s signature Kevlar cones providing the same level of performance as the S Series. The IS7p and IS10p are intended as large fills in big, distributed systems, or as a stand-alone solution in smaller spaces, up to around 25 metres deep. The low frequency response on both models also make a convincing case for use without a sub, where appropriate.

As in the rest of the Adamson loudspeaker range, recommended amplification and processing is from Lab.gruppen and Lake, with the D Series the best choice. For connectivity tailored to your use case, both models are available fitted with NL4 connectors (IS7p, IS10p) or barrier strips (IS7pb, IS10pb).

“I think that the IS7p and IS10p have the potential in power, size, and value-for-money to set a new benchmark, as the S10 did,” says David Dohrmann, Technical Director for Adamson in Asia-Pacific. “These loudspeakers have been designed with superior performance in mind, and can fill a market gap where a line array would be over-specified. They are really well suited to high performance project specifications, and mean Adamson can offer a complete product line to integrators; from line source, to point source, to very small point source and coaxial.”

Dual lo-mid driver designs come with their own set of advantages and challenges. “Dipole designs provide better pattern control in the low frequencies,” notes David. “But the challenge you face can be nodes or filtering due to the driver’s proximity and interaction with the high frequency driver. In our line array designs, we used our Controlled Summation technology to combat this. The necessity for that came about because compact line array cabinets don’t have the physical space for a big waveguide. In the IS7P and IS10p, the loudspeaker cabinet is bigger, so we can use a bigger horn, and avoid using Controlled Summation. We’ve found we can achieve the same level of performance with a minimalistic design approach.”

Adamson’s New Dual 7” & Dual 10” Point Source Boxes – Line Array Performance for Point Source Applications
David Dohrmann

Seeking a physical design approach to solving sonic problems before looking to electronic solutions is very much the Adamson way. “Sound is a mechanical phenomenon,” observes David. “If you implement mechanical solutions, they are most likely to be superior to electronic solutions. I believe this is why Adamson products tend to stand out in shoot-outs. You can push our loudspeakers hard and the music still sounds natural. It’s an holistic approach; make sure your fundamental concepts and acoustic principles are right, and work from there.”

It’s this philosophy that means Adamson is one of the only PA manufacturers in the world that designs and builds from the component level up. Their high level of vertical integration means they own and control every part of their build and signal chain, as well as their intellectual property. This environment sees R&D working closely with manufacturing, and inspiring each other as they collaborate on-site. This has led to innovations like their custom made Kevlar press, which Adamson have used to master the process of making Kevlar suitable for high-performance audio applications. “It’s coming up with our own solutions that has given Adamson our unique performance and aesthetics,” David concludes.

Adamson’s New Dual 7” & Dual 10” Point Source Boxes – Line Array Performance for Point Source Applications
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