Review: AKG LYRA Ultra-HD Multi Mode Condenser USB Microphone

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A few weeks back we brought news of a newly released AKG Lyra. In this video we get hands-on with this Ultra-HD Multi-Mode Condenser USB Microphone, giving you all the juicy details on this slick, feature-packed, easy to operate mic. It certainly impressed us and we’re sure you’ll be equally as impressed too.

It seems AKG haven’t cut any corners here, with this little guy is pretty well future-proofed with ultra high definition audio capture, going up to sample rates of 192kHz at 24 bit. Other features like USB-C connectivity make it ideally matched for newer computers, but there’s a USB-C to USB-A cable included for those of us still using older machines.

On the front panel, we have convenient access to some essential parameters such as headphone output adjustment, LED’s indicating the four different capture modes and a mute button. On the back, we have capture mode selection and microphone gain. and underneath we have the aforementioned USB-C connector and a 3.5mm headphone output, great!

So let’s go through the 4 different capture modes. As indicated on the front panel we have ‘Front’, ‘Front & Back’, ‘Tight Stereo and ‘Wide Stereo’ modes available. This achieved by what AKG have dubbed as their 4-capsule Adaptive Array.

Front Mode, as you’d expect captures only from the front, with rejection at the back and sides. Think more directional polar patterns such as cardioid or hyper-cardioid.

Front and Back Mode capture everything equally from all sides, like an omnidirectional pickup pattern, great for interviews, podcasting, dialogue etc.

Tight Stereo Mode utilizes two of the capsules in a tighter stereo pick up from the front of the mic. Again great for podcasting, musical instrument capture and an acoustic guitar.

And lastly, Wide Stereo Mode provides greater stereo depth and separation, really great for room recordings, atmos field recordings, jam sessions etc. This mode acts much like a Blumlein style of stereo capture.

This mic is very much designed to be plug and play. It’s simply one cable connected to your selected device and hit record. Lyra is compatible with OSX, Windows, iOS and Android devices. There’s a registration card for Ableton Live Lite included too for those who don’t already have a favoured DAW on their computer.

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