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Enmore Audio is a three-room recording studio, located in Sydney’s inner west. They have played host to an eclectic bunch of musicians in recent years, from string groups to rock bands to solo singer-songwriters.

The studio is located in a shared creative space with music, art and culture publication Happy Mag, who they collaborate with regularly, shooting live sessions with artists, and writing and recording the audio for video content. They’re also a publisher themselves!

We caught up with Dan Shaw of Enmore Audio to chat about the studio and in general about the music industry – This is what he had to say!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the Music Industry?

I’m a partner at Enmore Audio. I’ve been involved in one way or another with live sound, playing in bands and in the studio since I left school. My first paying work in audio was mixing live bands and I’ve been exploring different directions ever since.

Q: When did you start Enmore Audio and what was your motivation behind it?

We started Enmore Audio in 2015 as a natural extension of our own musical projects. It began to make sense to open up the space to collaborations with other artists and get more involved music community.

Q: What is the go-to gear that Enmore Audio uses in production and why?

That’s a tough one. I think microphones are at the pointy end of any magical recordings and it’s hard to go past the Neumann M-147 tube condenser – it just sounds so classy. Instrumentally, the Prophet 6 is a pretty mind-blowing piece of gear.

Q: What have been the most challenging aspect of keeping Enmore Audio running?

It’s always a challenge to make the studio work effectively all the time, so making sure projects are spread healthily across the calendar is an interesting challenge.

Q: What other services do you provide?

We’ve been getting heavily into creating content lately, a lot which has involved getting amazing artists in the studio, recording them and making videos. A kind of high-energy blend of live performance with a commitment to studio level tone. So much fun!

Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio

Q: If you had a big Audio crystal ball, what’s your predictions for the Audio business?

I guess there’s never been so much media in the world as there is right now, and audio is attached to all this content in one way or another. I’d say that there’ll always be a need for audio professionals but whether or not big budget studios will always be commercially viable? Who knows? Adaptability will be king.

Q: Any advice for future budding sound engineers getting into the industry?

Like I just mentioned, I think adaptability will be key to survival, so be prepared to think laterally when approaching the industry. Also, learning in-the-box recording has never been so accessible and there’s no reason why a schoolkid couldn’t be adept at ProTools before they even hit the studio or go to audio school or whatever.

Q: How do you like to connect with your clientele?

The best thing is go and see them play live. Seeing bands play in a less controlled environment is a great way to get production ideas too. Lots of bands want to harness their live energy in the studio and it’s great when you can make that happen.

Q: Can you spill the beans on some of the artists you have worked with?

You can check out our videos to see just a few of the awesome talent that has graced our humble abode! It’s been a good ride.

Q: What are the future plans for Enmore Audio?

It’s hard to actually think of things that are more fun than working with passionate musicians, so continuing on that path is the first priority. Having a studio is also a great excuse to lust over gear as well, so we’ll keep filling it up!

Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio
Photos by Dani Hansen
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