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Guitars Made In Australia

Guitars Made In Australia

Australia has been exporting guitars to musicians across the globe for the past 60+ years, some brands have come and gone but a select few have stood the test of time and continue to create world class instruments. In a very competitive and trying guitar
Namm 2018 Guitar Preview Main

NAMM 2018: New Guitar Previews & Releases

[addtoany] With NAMM 2018 just under a week away, we take a look at some exciting PRE-NAMM 2018 guitar previews and releases…  Martin Guitars - Standard Series Reimagined This is the biggest overhaul of a guitar series Martin have ever produced. The ‘Reimagined Standard Series’ delves
Eric Clapton Unplugged: 1939 000-42 Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar 1939 000-42: Eric Clapton Unplugged

[addtoany] This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Eric Clapton's iconic MTV Unplugged album which famously featured his 1939 000-42 Martin Guitar throughout most of the show and was highlighted by a softer and slower version of his rock anthem “Layla. Not only did this performance give his
The right mic is essential for recording acoustic guitar

Microphone Technique – Acoustic Guitar

In part 3 of our series on microphone technique we look at the simple acoustic guitar. As discussed previously there is no standard way recording this instrument but we hope to give you some starting points with this instrument. The Acoustic guitar can produce percussive