UA Tease New Desktop Interfaces and Live Streaming Event 

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In a somewhat atypical move, UA are teasing a pair of new recording interfaces to be announced on October 22nd along with a live streamed event described as ‘a must-see extravaganza’.  

UA state that the event is to celebrate the release of ‘new Apollo desktop recording interfaces’, an interesting choice of words indeed. The teaser video presents what looks to be two silhouetted Apollo Twins, however UA’s ambiguous use of the term ‘desktop recording interfaces’ suggests that the Twin range may be expanding beyond its current form factor as it did with the Arrow (which is referred to as neither an Apollo nor a Twin). That being said, the grainy footage doesn’t highlight any dramatic departure from the current Twin design. 

Maybe, as is the case with many of these teaser campaigns we’re reading too far into this however, however our attention has been genuinely piqued so we’ll be tuning into the live stream next week for sure, Any new tech announcement from UA is enough to get us excited, and it’s all the more interesting that they’re turning this into such a song and dance. 

The all-star lineup of producers and artists presenting throughout the live stream  include Vance Powell (engineer for Jack White and Chris Stapleton), Vulfpeck guitarist Corey Wong, YouTuber Andrew Haung and many more providing production tips and tutorials. The full lineup and schedule is posted over at UA’s website which is linked below so stay tuned for more info! 


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