Ableton Live 11: 5 Features To Get Excited About

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Ableton Live. Everyone’s favourite music making software (well, it’s mine at least). If it’s not yours yet, then this new version release might tip you over the edge. Live 11 has finally been released to the public after months of Beta testing and oh-my-days have they packed in some sweet new stuff. 

Everything from new creative workflow features, new instrument and effects devices and a whole lot more. I thought I’d give you the run down on 5 of my favourite features so far.

  1. Comping Feature: The Comping feature is useful for organizing multiple takes of audio or MIDI performances into 1 individual take. In this Video we take a different route using loops. 
  2.  New functions in the CLIP Veiw: There’s now plenty of awesome little goodies that we can use to create new and interesting musical patterns and rhythms in the clip editor 
  3. Macro Snapshots: Macro variations are a huge addition and even though it may seem like a small feature, they offer the potential for infinite new musical ideas 
  4. Pitchloop89: PitchLoop89 is a super cool little Max For Live device that will give you all the jittery glitch FX that you could ever want in your lifeIt’s very experimental by nature and can add interesting FX to pretty much anything.  
  5. New Follow Actions: Follow Actions allow creating chains of clips that can trigger each other in an orderly or random way In live 11 there a couple cool new ways of using Follow Actions including the ability to assign follow actions to entire scenes 

There is tons of new stuff to cover in Live 11 so please stay tuned to Noisegate for more videos including a look at what’s new in Ableton’s Push controller.

Check out our first look video from back in the November when the Beta version was initially released for an overview of what’s new in Live 11.

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