Add Some Nifty Features to Ableton with the Free Live Enhancement Suite

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Prolific Youtube producer Dylan Tallchief has introduced the Ableton Live Enhancement Suite for Windows-powered Ableton Live users. The suite adds a whole swag of potentially useful add-on features to Live, including:

  • Double right-click to for quick access to a customisable menu of devices
  • Advanced draw mode
  • Shortcut to add locators on the fly
  • Pan with your mouse
  • Shortcut to save automatically numbered versions
  • Double right-click on the piano roll to select a scale or chords (as demonstrated below)

Unfortunately at this stage, this is a Windows 8 and above only add-on, but an OSX version is apparently in the works. You can find an official (but incomplete) rundown of the features here or you can watch Dylan’s lightning fast rundown of the features in the below video – from 10:57min mark.

Download via the website here

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