Exploring Soundcraft’s Inbuilt Lexicon FX with An Analog Synth

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Wondering how you can take your synth sounds to the next level? Most synth heads will be familiar with the age-old trick of running their rig through an array of effects pedals for further sonic exploration. Another way to achieve similar results is to run your synths into a mixer with a built-in effects engine, giving you the option to connect multiple devices simultaneously and run through numerous effects.

In this video, we hook up the Soundcraft Notepad 12FX mixer with a Korg Monologue synth and explore the lush sounding built-in Lexicon effects engine. For those familiar with the Korg Monologue synth will know it has some serious built-in patches available, which we take to another level when introducing chorus, delay and reverb effects from the mixer. This little combination of a monster analogue synth into the small analogue mixer with built-in effects can really add width, depth and dimension to your sonic landscape.


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