ADSR Release Free Sample Manager Plugin

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The popular music production software store ADSR Sounds, have released a completely free sample manager plugin that automatically reads and sorts your samples into categories – without moving your samples from their current folders on your computer. Not content with that, ADSR have also enabled MIDI functionality, meaning you can play your samples via a MIDI keyboard or sync the loops to your DAW while you browse – essentially making this plugin a basic sample-based instrument as well as a browser.

The automatic tagging, although not perfect, is quite good. It’s quick and easy to add and remove tags from samples so you can adjust your categories. You can also add samples to an empty library called Favourites by hitting the heart icon next to your sample – then search through your favourites library via the tagging system as you would in your full library.

ADSR have alluded to there being more expansive functionality in the next update, with some commenters hoping for a song-key function. They’ve also confirmed that at this point, there is no plans to have advertising or shop functions in the plugin – they intend on keeping it completely free with no compromises.

Check it out here

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