ATTN Bass Lords: Aguilar’s Full Range of Amps, Pedals & Pickups Just Landed in Oz

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Aguilar bass gear has been trickling into Australia little by little for a few years, much to the excitement of the local 4 string crew, but we have good news today friends! We’ve just got word that a whole heap of Aguilar gear has landed in for Australia wide distribution. 

For those not so familiar with the brand, here’s a quick refresher. Aguilar’s beginnings stemmed from company president Dave Boonshoft chasing a studio-ready bass tone that would match the high-end Neve/Telefunken desk preamps often found in ‘80s studio desks. Chance would bring Boonshoft and electronic engineer Alex Aguilar together, and after designing the bass preamp of their dreams — the DB 680 — they decided to make something of it and formed Aguilar in 1995.

Rich mids and an even presence in the mix are the characteristics that began Aguilar’s tonal journey. You can find these versatile tube tones in all their amp offerings including the Tone Hammer range (which does not utilize tubes directly). From super-light D Class heads through to the flagship DB 751, these USA made bass amps all carry that versatile but distinctive Aguilar sound. 

Bass Amp Head Range:

AG 700
This handsome little Class D solid-state head packs a whollop. 700 watts, effects loop, 4-band EQ with 2 broadband switches – bright and deep, balanced XLR out. Enormous headroom suitable for serious gigging musos. All in a 2.25kg package. 

Tone Hammer 700/500/350  
The Tone Hammer range brings a different tonal character to the AG 700 — a more vintage flavour tube tone with a woolly drive circuit that really brings it home. The Tone Hammer preamp has a distinctive colour that’s become a favourite of bassists worldwide and can be found in the Aguilar Tone Hammer Bass Preamp Pedal/DI too.

DB 751
The big daddy! This recent update to the legendary DB 750 added greater EQ control after the 3 x 12AX7 tube-driven preamp, enabling greater flexibility without losing any of that 975-watt mojo. Hit the Deep switch and you get a 5db boost at 30hz that’ll smack you right in the bowels. This faceplate has become a regular sight on the touring circuit — and for good reason.

Also appearing in stores is the full range of Aguilar effects pedals specially designed for low-end frequencies, covering a variety of classic and modern effects. Plus, there’s the range of pickups in a variety of sizes and classic layouts, and cabinets ranging from small portable units for practice to behemoth 85kg 8 x 10″ stadium rigs.

Check out Aguilar’s website for further info on their whole range here.

We’ve been big fans of Aguilar here for years and are stoked to share that we’ll be having lots of Aguilar gear through our doors for demos and review. Stay tuned!


We had a quick sit down with three pedals out of the Aguilar range – Octamizer, Chorusaurus & Filter Twin.

Posted by Aguilar Australia on Wednesday, 24 July 2019

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