Audiaire Announce Zenith, Possibly The Most Powerful MIDI Sequencer Plugin Yet

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Audiaire turned heads with their incredibly powerful synthesiser plugin Zone last year, it’s fantastic parameter sequencing interface being the star of the show. Now, Audiaire have just released that interface repackaged as a standalone MIDI sequencer plugin called Zenith, meaning you can utilize the modulation power of Zone on any MIDI device you like.¬†¬†

If you’ve ever wished the sequencer from Elektron’s hardware units would make it’s way to the software world, Zenith looks to be all that and more. It features 24 x 32 step sequencers available to be routed to whatever parameter you like, each can be run at independent rates and lengths with probability functions, plus extensive LFO and Envelope options. Not content with that, there’s scale options, chord generator options, per-lane swing, a pattern sequencer, a slew filter and macro knobs.¬†Packaged with the plugin is a range or preset MIDI setups, meaning it’s ready to go with everything from an ’80s Yamaha DX7 (yes it’ll handle weird MIDI SysEx mappings too) to Native Instruments’ Massive X software synth.

There’s a free Trial available via Audiaire’s website, check it out.


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