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Xelon Entertainment offer a comprehensive service for Independent labels and artists across Australia & New Zealand. We caught up with Jimmy Mackay to find out about the services Xelon Entertainment provide.

What’s your role at Xelon Entertainment?

I’m a label manager and look after labels such as Sweat it Out, Balance Music and Central Station Records to name just a few, preparing releases for delivery and optimal results on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify & Beatport.

Xelon calls itself a premier digital music distribution company. How does Xelon differ from more DIY or flat fee digital distribution services?

We’re a little more hands on and are invested in an artist/labels release. A lot of the DIY services work on an upfront fee so once they have received your payment their incentive ends there, doesn’t matter if you sell 1 copy or a million to them. This is where a commission service differs, we strive to ensure a release is best placed to reach the biggest audience and therefore more sales/streams.

Is the service open to anyone or is it curated? What’s the ideal scenario when an artist contacts you for distro?

We actually run two services, Xelon Entertainment is geared more towards bigger labels/artists with larger catalogues while our Noisehive service offers a preferential rate to smaller independent artists/labels. Whether you drop us an email, call or enquire via the webchat we can discuss and suss out the best solution to fit your needs.

What are the challenges faced by yourself and Xelon in a primarily stream-based market?

With the market changing so dramatically our biggest challenge is trying to educate our partners how best to grow their audience.

Xelon Entertainment Sweat it Out, Balance Music and Central Station Records

Would you say your background in DJing/production prepared in any way for this role?

Being an artist myself definitely allowed me to approach distribution with a mentality of what best benefits an artist, choosing the best services or platforms based on the sound of an artist. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained has been really beneficial in the way I approach my own productions, setting myself timelines of releases is really important, too close together they drown each other out, too far apart and you lose the momentum. Probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt in the 5+ years is it is all about momentum, keep the momentum going, you lose that and it becomes a lot tougher.

You’ve got a side-project label of your own – Loophole Recordings, how did that come about?

I moved to Melbourne almost a decade ago and made tracks with my good mate and house mate at the time Flip3000, we wanted an avenue to put our own stuff out and set up the label not really having any idea what we were doing but sort of figured it out along the way. We’ve had a few ups and downs with other commitments (babies/burger joints/trips to UK) but still pushing Melbourne underground house/techno/bass. I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot from the labels I look after, just need to find the time to put into practice 🙂

You can catch Jimmy Mackay speaking at the EMC Connect in Melbourne on Wed 20th June:

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