Miso Modular Tease New Granular Eurorack Module ‘Cornflakes’

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A small Danish Eurorack company named after a Japanese soup has come up with a nice looking granular module named after an American breakfast cereal that was invented to discourage patients at a sanitarium from masturbating. That’s probably one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever had to write, 2021 is off to an incredible start!

Bizarre names aside, Cornflakes looks like a pretty cool little granular sampler, building on the concept laid out by Mutable Instruments’ Clouds in 2015 . It appears it will be able to work from a live audio source or SD card, and has a clear knob-per-function layout.  There’s some unique features like Harmonize and Quantize, which enables you to make granular chords. It will be able to process recorded material or operate as a real time effect.

There’s no pricing or availability info available as yet, their website is still under construction. On the website holding page and next to Cornflakes in the below video there is another un-announced module called Bicycle, a dual looper module that also appears to be a twin mono loop recorder module with an SD slot.


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