NAMM 2020: New Oddball ‘Ensemble’ Digital Oscillator Module From 4ms

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4ms Company have just released info on their new latest eurorack module, dubbed the Ensemble Oscillator or ENOSC – a collaboration with Matthias Puech, with whom they’ve worked with previously on the Tapographic Delay module. 

The ENOSC is a digital module consisting of 16-sine based oscillators, with which the user can explore additive, FM, phase distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques. This is a complex unit to summarize succinctly, so here’s how 4ms describe it themselves:

“By quantizing the oscillators to scales or series of harmonics, the Ensemble Oscillator allows you to explore the sonic boundary between musical chords and rich evolving textures. Easily create a wide variety of sounds ranging from aggregates of pure sine waves to pulsar synthesis or pristine harmonic tones and lush wide chords to rich dirty drones and rumbling glitches.”

It certainly sounds like there’s a lot to explore here, and with a price tag of US$299, it’s quite affordable compared to some of their flagship products and other polyphonic modules. More and more modules are appearing with full stereo functionality too, it’s great to see 4ms continuing to champion that in the Eurorack world.

Release is scheduled for April 2020, a prototype will be on show at NAMM 2020.



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