Tascam DRX Handheld Recorders Overview

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Anyone remotely familiar with handheld recorders for field and video audio capture will likely know of Tascam’s DR series of recorders. Having just released three new models this year dubbed DRX, Tascam has kindly given us these models to have an exclusive look at.

The previous generation DR-05MKII has now been replaced by the DR-05X, the DR-40 is now DR-40X and back by popular demand, the DR-07X, which shares the same form factor as the DR-05X with the addition of either X/Y or A/B microphone configuration.

Main Features:

  • USB Interface – For quick file transfer or for use as a USB microphone for home recording, podcasts etc
  • “Dictation Mode” – Designed for transcription allowing to set up playback positions, tailor EQ for human voice clarity and speed up or slow down audio playback
  • “Overwrite Mode” – Allows punch-in and punch out of the recording from any desired point
  • New LED screen – Optimized for outdoor use
  • Larger SD card storage – Capable of up to 128GB size
  • Longer battery life – Power to over 17hrs
  • “Dual Record Mode” That captures a copy of your take but at a lower level, as a safety track in case of sudden distortion

You’ll need to purchase an SD card for these recorders to function and we recommend getting a larger SDXC card to allow for longer recording times.

If you plan to be using these recorders outside where wind noise could pose a potential issue, you should have a look into the dedicated accessory packs available, which include furry windscreens, splitter cables, soft cases and more.

Tascam DRX Handheld Recorders Overview

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